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46 tourists die CALCINATED in the crash of the bus in which they were traveling – CVBJ

A tragic car accident occurred on the roads of Bulgaria has been around the world because 46 people died from burns, including 12 minors, after the bus in which they were traveling will crash and then I know set on fire, so many passengers were trapped.

Most of the victims were from North Macedonia, where the car was registered, said the prime minister of that country, Zoran zaev, who immediately went to the city of Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, to meet the seven survivors of the accident at the hospital, most serious of the last decade in Europe.

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“It’s a great tragedy. Twelve of the victims were under 18, including five children. The others were between 20 and 30 years old, ”Zaev explained.

The vehicle was making the return trip to Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, after taking a trip to Turkey, according to the agency ..

After the tragic event, North Macedonia declared three days of national mourning and Bulgaria one.

According to passengers, “most were asleep when there was an explosion”, Zoran Zaev said, quoted by the news agency MINE.


The cause of the tragedy is unknown

Images shown on television show the charred remains of the bus, which collided with the safety railing for an unknown reason for the moment. No other vehicle was involved in the accident.

Seven tourists in the back of the vehicle and “They succeeded in breaking one of the windows” and run away from the fire. They belong to the same family and among them is a 16-year-old teenager, said the Minister of Health of North Macedonia, Venko Filipce.

“The survivors are traumatized, they have lost loved ones, their children. They jumped out of the windows, ”said Maya Arguirova, head of the center for the treatment of people with severe burns, to which they were transferred.

Some family members of the victims traveled from North Macedonia to Sofia, to see their relatives, but were unable to access the hospital.

“The driver died instantly, with which there was no one who could open the doors “and allow the passengers to escape the flames, said National Police Chief Stanimir Stanev.

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