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Archaeology: Sunken glass treasure discovered near Burgas on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast

Part of the largest hoard of sunken glass on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast has been discovered off the coast of Burgas, according to a press release from the Municipality of Burgas.

The statement said that for years archaeologists were aware of the discovery of such artifacts by divers, but not of the precise location of the treasure.

With the support of the Municipality of Burgas, research was carried out on land and under water in the area of ​​Chengene Skele Bay, near Cape Chiroza, leading to interesting findings, according to the statement.

The finds include dozens of pieces of glass vessels of exceptional quality, which were displayed at a press conference on October 1 at the Ethnographic Museum in Burgas.

Most are wine glasses. Archaeologists don’t want to speculate, but suggest they were made in the 17th century, probably somewhere in Italy.

Archaeologists have speculated that the glass treasure was on board a ship that struck a reef and sank near Cape Chiroza. They believe that if the underwater search continues, the ship itself and more of its cargo could be found.

The statement said that even with the glass vessels found so far, the Burgas Regional History Museum now has more luxury glass than the National History Museum of Bulgaria and many other museums in Europe.

Burgas Mayor Dimitar Nikolov said only three to four percent of Chengene Skele Bay of interest for scientific research had been explored so far.

“We expect more interesting findings. We will continue to support archaeologists financially and logistically,” Nikolov said.

He said the municipality suspected that interesting discoveries at the site had already been made by divers over the years “so I would urge people who have such items in their homes to bring them back to the museum, so that we can have an impressive exhibition.

“I officially declare that the Municipality of Burgas will provide funds to purchase them,” he said.

(Photos: Municipality of Burgas)

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