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A 77-year-old man died while queuing for sunflower oil in Burgas. This happened in one of the large hypermarkets in the Slaveykov district, Nova TV reported.

The promo the price he was looking for was BGN 2.99 for a bottle of sunflower oil. He was with his friend.

The queue was about 500-600 meters long. After a long wait, the man died next to pallets of sunflower oil. An ambulance arrived at the scene and pronounced the person dead.

In Ukraine, they are fighting for freedom. In Bulgaria we fight for Sunflower Oil (VIDEO)

Residents are outraged at having waited hours to get to the oil in the store. The situation is similar in front of all the large hypermarkets of the same chain in Burgas

“The man died in the store. They pushed him and he felt sick. It was crazy. People said he fell down and turned blue and died. The queue was huge. said one of the women shopping at the store.

A forensic examination will determine the exact cause of the man’s death.

Photo: Novinite.com, Vratsa

There are also queues in front of hypermarkets in other cities of the country. Photos of people waiting in Kyustendil and Vidin early this morning appeared on Facebook.

Photo: OFFNews, Facebook, sunflower oil queue in Vidin

Some stores in the capital are already introducing limits on the purchase of oil due to mass restocking, which inflated oily liquid prices to BGN 5.50-6.50 per litre.

Photo: OFFNews, Facebook, Nadezhda district, Sofia

Just last week, the the price of sunflower oil increased from 1.50 to 2 BGN per litre, even more in some cases.

Photo: Novinite.com, Botevgrad

“There are huge amounts of sunflower oil in Bulgaria. We have sunflower seeds for oil production for four and a half years to come,” Kornelia Ninova, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Industry, said during a press briefing earlier this week.

According to her, the events in Ukraine in recent days have caused panic and people have started to stock up on sunflower oil. She called for this not to be done as increased demand leads to higher prices. Ninova was adamant that oil would not run out in our country.

However, the BSP leader also claims that speculation distorts the market and that the state must take action. Ninova claims that the production the price from oil is around BGN 2, according to the producers.

The Minister of Economy clarified that all this goes to the Commission for the Protection of Competition (CPC), after having obtained specific data from an authorized body in the person of the Commission for the Protection of Consumers.

Vasil Simov, executive director of the Commodity Exchange, commented on the rise the price of oil:

“There has been an increase in wheat and sunflower prices since the beginning of the war. All the grain sellers who were active until a week or two ago are now waiting for the starting prices at which the state will start buying stocks. There are no offers on the commodity exchange at the moment. In international markets, the the price the increase is holding back, prices are higher compared to the same period last year, with growth of around 20-30%”, he said BNR yesterday.

Simov clarified that the the price in our country will be no different than in world markets.

“The situation with sunflowers is more fatal, because Ukraine is the world’s largest producer. It reacts to the the price oil. After the start of the war on the largest stock market in sunflower oil – the Rotterdam Stock Exchange, from $1,400 per ton, the the price increased to $1,700 per ton,” he said, predicting wholesale prices would return to $3.50. BGN 4.00 per litre.

Simov insisted that with a good harvest there would be no rise in wheat prices and sunflower, “a sharp rise in the price of bread and oil is not planned. »


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