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Bulgaria: book your bus tickets in advance for the southern Black Sea coast – Novinite.com

In the summer season and due to the interest in our seaside resorts, there are not enough free places on the buses.

A check in the electronic system of one of the airlines showed that there are no southbound seats for today. Black Sea coastand tickets can still be purchased for destinations on the north Black Sea coast.

One of the reasons to fill up the buses is the rising cost of fuel, leading to less use of passenger cars.

Due to the increased interest in trips from the capital to the sea, one of the companies has already twice increased the number of the buses in these directionssaid Teodora Veleva from the bus company’s marketing department.

The provision by the carrier of additional services the buses on a given route must meet a number of conditions in order to avoid line overlapping situations, she further explained:

Our company offers 17 routes that depart daily from the central bus station in Sofia to the Black Sea. To these must also be added the the buses which depart from Pazardzhik, Plovdiv, Yambol and from Pleven also daily in the direction of the Black Sea. We have also launched other the buses that facilitate traffic flow, especially at weekends, when passenger interest is much higher. Starting an emergency seasonal bus line is not so easy. It’s not like getting your private car out of the garage and heading out to sea. This is regulated by law, as there are fairly regular lines and the frequency of services offered cannot be so unlimited.“.

Depending on the interest of passengers, ticket reservations for Sunny Beach, Burgas and Sinemorets should be made 4-5 days before the trip, and for Ahtopol a day or two earlier.

The opinion of the director of the central bus station in Sofia, Ivan Miroslavov:

There is a heavy load in all directions in the country and this may be part of the high price of fuels“.

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