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Bulgaria: Electronic system failures temporarily blocked the work of vaccination centers – Novinite.com

The failures of the National Health Information System (SNIS) blocked the work of vaccination centers. Despite the large influx of applicants, it was not possible to enter data before noon, medical institutions confirmed to OFFNews, with vaccination open tips.

The first signal of a system failure was given by UMHAT “St. Anna”:

“Although 2 teams are involved in our vaccination center since the morning, in order to provide faster and better service to citizens at the moment (12:00) only 62 people have been vaccinated. The vaccination process is delayed due to failures in the national health information system “, said the hospital, stressing that in the afternoon, access is at “tides”.

The same problem was reported to the “Queen Joanna” University Hospital – ISUL. They warned that data entry would be delayed due to lack of access to the NHIF. A large number of files have accumulated, which will have to be processed later, and the influx of people wishing to be vaccinated is even greater than yesterday, said the health establishment.

180 people were vaccinated at noon in vaccination points at Alexandrovska Hospital. The constant breakdowns of the NHIF are slowing the process, and there are many waiting, the medical institution said. Among those vaccinated, there were 7 children, as well as adults who wanted a third dose. The Jansen vaccine is most preferred – about 100 people have been vaccinated with, 53 preferred Pfizer and 11 – Modern. The hospital has also announced that there are no vaccines for Astra Zeneca and those who wish to be vaccinated with this preparation are referred to other vaccines. Vaccination points are open until 5 p.m., the hospital said.

Malicious actions have obstructed access to the National Health Information System, explained the “Information Services”. Here’s what they report from there:

Disclosure of epidemic measures related to access to public places through a green certificate has been accompanied by malicious actions such as denial of service (DDoS) against the infrastructure serving the National Health Information System (NHIS).

In less than 24 hours, a huge amount of traffic was directed to the portal, and at peak times the malicious traffic exceeded 400 Gbps. This required the implementation of more aggressive measures to limit malicious traffic and the use of specialized infrastructures for analysis and neutralization, through which the recovery of the services provided began. System intrusion and interference attempts and user data leaks have not been reported.

Information Services AD has specialized and effective means to counter such malicious actions, which has made it possible to continue issuing green certificates, despite certain known delays.

In the first hours after the announcement of the measures on 20.10.2021, a record number of green certificates were issued and withdrawn from the system – more than 106,000. As of 3:00 p.m. today, over 64,000 certificates have been withdrawn. The system currently transmits more than 15,000 documents per hour.

Previously, pharmacies in the capital had reported a problem accessing the system. The system does not allow electronic prescription entry and filling, pharmacists complained. The information service assured that there was no problem with them.

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