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Bulgaria issues scorching weather warning for July 24 – The Sofia Globe

Bulgaria has issued the Code Orange hazardous weather warning for 17 out of 28 districts for July 24, with temperatures expected to reach 40 degrees Celsius or more in a number of cities.

The 17 districts subject to Code Orange weather alert due to high temperature forecast are Vidin, Montana, Vratsa, Pleven, Veliko Turnovo, Rousse, Silistra, Lovech, Gabrovo, Blagoevgrad, Pazardzhik, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Sliven, Kurdzhali , Haskovo and Yambol.

According to Bulgarian meteorologists, the Danube town of Rousse will be hit with a maximum temperature of 41 degrees Celsius on July 24.

On Sunday, the Bulgarian cities of Sandanski, Pleven and Vidin are expected to reach maximum temperatures of 40 degrees, while the cities of Plovdiv, Yambol and Blagoevgrad are expected to reach maximum temperatures of 39 degrees.

The forecast for Kurdzhali for July 24 is for a maximum of 38 degrees, while in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, the temperature will peak at 36 degrees on Sunday.

Bulgaria’s other 11 districts are subject to the lesser code yellow warning of potentially hazardous weather on July 24, also due to soaring temperatures.

On Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, Burgas is expected to experience a high of 31 degrees on Sunday and Varna, 30 degrees Celsius.

(Photo: Clive Leviev-Sawyer)

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