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Bulgaria: since when will 25 cents be deducted from the price of fuel – Novinite.com

The delivery 25 cents for fuel was accepted by the National Assembly. However, what does this mean for the operation of gas stations, commented Georgi Tenev, lawyer at the Association of Fuel Dealers in Bulgaria.

The final price for individuals and legal entities will be visible at the entrance to the store. When paying our invoice at the checkout, the correspondent delivery there will be deducted – the compensation of 25 centimes,” he explained.

Tenev explained that today it will hardly be possible to refuel with the reduction. First, the law must come into force, and then fuel retailers need to update their software.

It is necessary that the staff be trained to process this volume of personal data, which was not necessary until now. Probably nobody had to imagine that they have to give their car registration just to fill up with fuel. It will take time purely technically“, noted Tenev.

According to him, it is possible that the gas the stations will be able to cope in a week. “This compensation will be provided by the merchant’s working capital, and not by the State. The State will then reimburse, after 45 days at the earliest, this indemnity to the fuel Trader“, explained the lawyer.

His concern is that a “unhealthy“Euphoria can be created among the population, who will start stocking up on supposedly cheaper fuels.This doesn’t make sense at the moment and would prove to be quite detrimental given the controversial supply chains“, commented Tenev.

The lawyer warned of the danger of personal data leaks due to untrained staff. “Even purely as a technical error, it is possible to achieve misuse of personal data in one way or another“, he clarified.

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