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“Things with the interconnection with Greece are under control, the whole country has mobilized. A lot of time has been lost, in which nothing has really been donedeclared during a press briefing Hristo Alexiev, acting Deputy Prime Minister in charge of economic policies and Minister of Transport and Communications, president of the crisis unit.

According to him, the stabilization of “Bulgargaz” is important.

Whatever supplies we wish to provide must be paid for in advance. We must supply the necessary quantities of gas for the population and for businesses at attractive and affordable prices. For September, there are guaranteed quantities of gasof October there is none left“, added Hristo Alexiev.

He explained that decisions on the price should be made by the end of August, beginning of September.

Gas, provided at all costs, does not work for businesses and the population. There is no way there will be any compensation at the moment because there is no functioning National Assembly“, said Hristo Alexiev.

Obviously, we will have to negotiate with Gazprom, but these will be very difficult talks. The ministry has prepared various options for the talks, but they are awaiting a response from Gazprom. The interconnect was left unattended by the previous administration, a number of problems accumulated there related to construction and documentation, we found complete chaos and management that did not help to solve the problem. ‘Toplofikatsia Sofia’ (Sofia Heating Systems) owes ‘Bulgargaz’ hundreds of millions and there is no way it will end under the current management, on the contrary, the money owed is expected to increase by 300 million per month“said Energy Minister Rosen Hristov.

According to him, the focus will be on optimizing the supply system.

Gas at all costs is in abundance, we are looking for an optimal price. We received a linear schedule for the interconnection to deliver documents and complete the rest of the construction activities. Commitments have been made, in particular to President Rumen Radev, for the interconnection to be launched from October 1“, added the Minister of Energy.

Rosen Hristov said the government is entering into negotiations with Azerbaijan to negotiate additional quantities of gas.

Regarding ‘Toplofikatsia Sofia’, we are creating a working group of financial and technical experts to find a radically different solution to the problem, i.e. a complete restructuring of the companyfind an option for investments and modernization of equipment, the problem is inefficient work“, also commented Rosen Hristov.

Deputy Prime Minister Hristo Alexiev said options for switching to alternative fuels had been discussed.

For LNG, it is necessary to provide the necessary infrastructure, as well as the necessary logistics, an appointment is looming, according to the regulations it is necessary to reduce the consumption of natural gas of 15%, the moment of the derogation having been missed by the previous government“, added Hristo Alexiev.

Vasil Velev, chairman of the board of directors of the Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA), announced that opportunities should be sought to compensate companies at prices above BGN 250 per megawatt hour.

We have no alternative to the contract with Gazprom in terms of price, the difference is measured in hundreds of millions of BGN per month, which we lose“, said Vasil Velev.

Vanya Grigorova from the Confederation of Labor “Podkrepa” added that it was difficult to find funds for company compensation and noted that many other households are expected to experience difficulties this winter.

A meeting of the energy crisis cell was held today. Branch, union and employer organizations were present.

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