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Bulgaria will offer 40 BGN per day to Ukrainians arriving in the country – Novinite.com

Bulgarian government to discuss aid package Ukrainian citizens seeking protection in Bulgaria following the hostilities in Ukraine. On the proposal of Minister of Tourism Hristo Prodanov, Ukrainians will be entitled to aid in the total amount of BGN 40 (EUR 20) per person per night and a meal up to three months from the filing of an application for protection.

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Since the start of hostilities between Kiev and Moscow on February 24, 2022, until this Friday, a total of more than 20,000 Ukrainian citizens entered at all points of the Bulgarian-Romanian border in Bulgaria, reported the border police. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, 1,209,976 people have left Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict. In just one day, their numbers increased by another 200,000.

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Aid will be provided under the directive, which allows war refugees benefit from immediate temporary protection in the EU, giving them the right to reside, to access the labor market, access to housing, social, medical or other assistance and the means to lead a normal life .

For persons applying for international protection in Bulgaria who have expressed a desire to access the labor market in the country, the assistance of BGN 40 per person per night and a meal will be provided for one month from the date of request. They can apply under the simplified EU labor market access procedure for up to three years.

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The help of BGN 40 per day is provided for accommodation in sites of companies whose sole capital owner is the National Institute of Social Security, rehabilitation hospitals and balneotherapy centers, etc. – property of the State, the rest stations of the ministries and departments, as well as in classified or registered accommodation places, registered in the National Register of Tourism.

Aid for tourist sites will be paid by the Ministry of Tourism on the basis of the expenses actually incurred, on the basis of an extract from the register of accommodation places. An agreement between the Ministry of Tourism and the State Agency for Refugees will be concluded for the settlement of relations relating to the exchange of information on the number of eligible inhabitants, the terms and places of their accommodation.

As part of the program, where possible, appropriate educational activities, sports and other age-appropriate activities will be organized and offered to children in the accommodation facilities. For the implementation of the program in this part, the Ministry of Education and Science provides the necessary support, incl. logistical and financial, given that compulsory pre-school and school education in kindergartens and public and municipal schools is free for children and pupils of Bulgarian citizens, citizens of another Member State, nationals of third countries, including those seeking or enjoying asylum or international protection, the government said.

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The proposed program, in addition to supporting refugees of the war in Ukraine, aims to partially support tourist activity, which will be directly affected, and whose resources could be directed towards the provision of measures through the use of accommodation and employment. The aid decision comes amid concerns from hotel owners who hosted refugees that they do not receive state aid and that their costs increase.


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