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Bulgarian capital Sofia steps up anti-Covid measures – The Sofia Globe

The regional health inspectorate in Sofia has issued an order introducing reinforced anti-epidemic measures in the Bulgarian capital, which will come into force on August 4 and will remain in force for 30 days.

The district of the city of Sofia currently has the highest Covid-19 morbidity rate in Bulgaria, 467.86 per 100,000 inhabitants on a 14-day basis.

In addition to the current obligation to wear a protective mask in health and medical establishments and public transport, it will also be mandatory to do so in commercial establishments, train stations, bus stations, metro stations and at the airport. from Sofia.

There are exceptions to the rule, applicable to children up to six years old, staff and customers of catering and entertainment establishments, amusement arcades and casinos.

Also exempt from the mask rule are those who exercise indoors, attendees of conventions and conferences, press conferences and those who give lectures or presentations. However, participants must maintain a physical distance of 1.5 meters.

There is also an exemption for presenters and guests of television shows. Participants must be 1.5m apart.

In the case of direct customer service requiring a distance of less than 1.5 meters, the use of a protective mask is mandatory. Exceptionally, customer service without a protective mask is permitted when mechanical partitions made of glass or other transparent material are provided, allowing wet cleaning and disinfection.

In closed rooms, as well as in the workplace, a mandatory distance of one and a half meters, regular disinfection and ventilation must be observed.

Where possible and at their discretion, employers may allow staff to work remotely (from home).

In the morning, checks must be carried out to ensure that people who show clinical symptoms of Covid-19 or other acute infectious diseases do not enter children’s institutions and social service establishments.

The ordinance imposes limits on visits to hospitals and hospices. Visits can only be allowed to patients who have been admitted for more than five days, then at the discretion of the attending physician depending on the patient’s state of health and the risk of infection with Covid-19.

The Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate said that, where possible, those providing administrative and other services to the public should do so online.

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