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Demography in Bulgaria: Not a single municipality has a positive natural increase in 2021 – Novinite.com

Nope municipality has a positive natural increase in 2021. This is shown by data from the analysis of the Institute for Market Economics for data on population growth in Bulgaria.

“While in the mechanical movement there are winning and losing parts of the country, which even – as we have seen in the year of the pandemic sometimes change places – in the natural deterioration it remains omnipresent. This, in turn, means that the serious challenges facing the Bulgarian economy, posed by the shrinking and aging population, are much closer in the future.“, predicts the IME.

In 2021, the difference between mortality and birth at the national level is -90.3 thousand peoplecons – 65.7 thousand people in 2020 and -46 thousand people between 2017 and 2019. In other words, the pandemic (and its side effects – overloading the health care system, for example) led to an almost double deterioration of the nominal natural increase.

The largest decline recorded in population as a result of natural processes is in Sofia – with 8.8 thousand peoplefollowed by Plovdiv (down 2.7 thousand people), Varna (2.4 thousand), Ruse (2.2 thousand) ) and Stara Zagora (1.8 thousand people). It should be noted that the capital experiences the fastest deterioration between 2020 and 2021, and the negative natural increase is almost four times higher than that of 2017.

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