Bulgaria sea coast

Fuel from a stranded ship on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

An operation began on October 3 to drain fuel from the ship Vera Su, which ran aground near Kamen Bryag on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast after being stranded on September 20.

Bulgarian prosecutors have opened an investigation into what led to the grounding of the vessel, flying the Panamanian flag, owned by a Turkish company and having a crew of nine.

During a briefing on October 3, Bulgarian Acting Transport Minister Hristo Alexiev said it was important that the Vera Su’s cargo be safely removed. The ship was carrying 3000 tonnes of urea.

Reports from October 2 cited Alexiev as saying the ship began to sink after water entered its hold.

On October 3, Alexiev said there were three main tasks for the day – re-inspection of the vessel by divers, draining fuel to avoid spills and interviewing crew members by prosecutors.

Some of the fuel will be left in the vessel to allow electrical power.

Over the next two to three days, additional barges are expected to help unload the cargo.

Bulgaria’s environment ministry said coastal water samples were taken hourly. The values ​​are stable compared to September 25, when a cargo transfer operation failed and part of the fertilizer cargo fell overboard.

Bulgarian national radio quoted Borislav Sandov, co-leader of the Green Environmental Party, as saying that the situation with the stranded ship was worse than that declared by the authorities.

In a Facebook post, Sandov said the ship’s cargo might not be dangerous, according to “certain classifications”, but the cargo was still very harmful to the marine environment and local businesses related to the sea. Black.

(Photos: Bulgarian Ministry of Transport)

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