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To work towards a more technocratic government with a governance horizon of January 1, 2024.”

What’s this “Democratic Bulgaria” (DB) Co-Chair Hristo Ivanov suggested to bTV. He clarified yesterday in parliament that if “Democratic Bulgaria“gets the third term, he will do everything possible to achieve it.

According to him, leading politicians should step aside in the name of important priorities for Bulgaria.

It is necessary to make a technocratic firm, not to try to divide up and conquer territories, but to give a path to follow to people you trust. I call on us to focus on the big tasks and the big challenges, but also on the big opportunities for Bulgaria next year.“, he said.

Ivanov clarified that, if necessary, he would speak to Toshko Yordanov and the leader of “There is such a people” (TISP) Slavi Trifonov. The key, he says, is to shift from interpersonal attacks to focusing on state priorities.

With Toshko Yordanov from three parliaments, we had a checkered history, but maybe I learned my lessons. You have to separate the personal emotion. We have a duty, for the hope of the people, to speak, and we will speak, whatever the personal stories. That’s why I would also talk to Slavi Trifonov“, he said.

If the mandate is given to ‘Democratic Bulgaria‘, the capital with which we are going to enter is an opportunity to discuss with all the former partners, starting from a slightly calmer tone and more normal relations. You have to try to calm the ball down a bit“, added Ivanov.

Upon obtaining a third term, “Democratic Bulgaria“will submit a statement for the vote in parliament with national priorities, to check if there is a sufficient majority for their support.

If it happens by chance that there is a will for certain formulations, then we will know that the effort to find a majority is worth it. We would seek a majority among the four existing partners, starting with “We continue the change”. Moral rights belong to them,” he said.

And more:

We will avoid seeking support outside the leadership formations so far. We still cannot seek support from GERB, even though we try to impose a more dialogical approach on them in achieving national priorities.“.

Radev will conduct a new round of consultations before the third term

Earlier yesterday, Ivanov said that if the first term is not implemented, “Democratic Bulgariawill call on the president to hold a new series of consultations with the parties before handing over the third term (Editor’s note: the second term should be returned by the GERB).

The interest of the country is to have a government because the next year will be crucial to face the series of crises and complete our integration into the EU and NATO.

If we miss this period, we precipitate the country into another cycle of confrontation and political uncertainty. This could prove extremely detrimental to the country. Our call is for the government to be established with the first mandate“, said Ivanov.

And added:

Although there are only a few hours left, we believe that this situation must be approached in an extremely responsible manner, regardless of narrow party interests. Including ‘Democratic Bulgaria‘, which is ready for the elections and hopes to improve its results.

At the same time, after discussion with our authorities and the parliamentary group, we declare that we are ready to initiate new consultations.”

Ivanov gave an evasive answer to a question whether “Democratic Bulgaria“would support a government with a BSP mandate. According to him, if the BSP gets the third term, the issue will be discussed.

Even at the beginning of yesterday, it was expected that the mandate would not be fulfilled

It is expected that the mandate of “We keep the change going” will not be fulfilled and that a government with Prime Minister Asen Vassilev will not be elected”.

This was commented on his entry into the National Assembly by the other co-president of “Democratic Bulgaria“Atanas Atanasov.

He pointed out that the personnel and structure of the cabinet have not yet been discussed, which he said is indicative.

According to Atanas Atanasov, further consultations will help the head of state to establish “what is this political force that has the capacity through dialogue to find a majority to form a government“.

Over the past week, representatives of “We Continue the Change” spoke with “Democratic Bulgariaand the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) seeking the 121 votes needed to form a parliamentary majority.

According to the Constitution, this is not compulsory and a cabinet can be elected with fewer deputies – more than half of those present.

Atanasov himself was the first to announce that Kiril Petkov would not be a candidate for prime minister, then said that the chances of a future cabinet were increasing.

The leader of the parliamentary group “There is such a people” Toshko Yordanov said that there were more expectations for the third term.

President Rumen Radev accepted, yesterday at 5 p.m., the nominations for the post of Prime Minister – Asen Vassilev.

Before the meeting, Vassilev confirmed that he will render the mandate unfulfilled.

Unfortunately, we failed to find 121 MPs to support the program. In this parliament we managed to reach 117 deputies, we hope that in the next parliament we will have more deputies to support us“, said the candidate for the post of Prime Minister.

Radev met with Vassilev, Petkov and representatives of “We continue the change” and accepted the returned mandate. It is expected that the second mandate will be entrusted to the second political formation with the most votes: the GERB-SDS. From the coalition, they announced that the second term would be renewed because they want early elections in the fall. Thus, President Radev will decide whether to give the third mandate to form a government that is “Democratic Bulgariaor the Bulgarian Socialist Party. Although there is still a chance that a government can be established with the political formations of: DB, BSP, WCC and TISP, most parties are preparing for early elections. Kiril Petkov himself said that “We continue the change” is preparing for a vote in October 2022.

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