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Energy Minister Rosen Hristov @Capital

The Kremlin has decided that Gazprom will not work with Bulgaria”. That’s what Acting Energy Minister Rosen Hristov said in an interview with German journalist Rebecca Stegmann, granted to “Capital”.

There is a decision in Russia this Gazprom does not work with us. I don’t know if it’s official or not. But we try to send a message to Russia that we are ready to resume negotiations under the current treaty. Under certain conditions, and these are the conditions laid down by the European Commission, which Germany is also following“, explains Hristov.

He is pointing out that “we should not compensate or make a political gesture to please Gazprom and make him happier and more compliant.”

According to the minister, the previous regular government of Kiril Petkov reacted “very emotionally” in relations with Russia. Hristov say that Gazprom is “the second cheapest supplier of natural gas with whom we are communicating or negotiating.”

He also points out that the cheapest gas comes from Azerbaijan, but adds that Russian gas is “an option we should explore.”

I mean, we have a contract that expires at the end of the year, we have quantities that we have to take – if we don’t, there’s a take or pay clause. We therefore risk potentially going into arbitration. I really don’t understand the politicization of this issue, you have to think practically“, explains the minister.

According to him, the cabinet has not made a turn to Moscow and that it is only gas already contracted.

All we need is to take the gas under contract. We are not discussing new contracts. We are not talking about extensions. We’re not talking about increasing volumes“, Hristov declared.

According to him, the firm plans to diversify gas supplies from Turkey and Greece, as well as providing slots for the delivery of liquefied gas large companies such as Cheniere, Sempra, European Totale Energie, Shell.

So we can say we branched out and we can stay away Russia“, says the minister.

Regarding the refusal of the interim government of the 6 tankers with American liquefied gas agreed by the Cabinet “Petkov”, Hristov affirm that “the whole thing was designed in a very bad way– slots should have been booked first and then asked for a quote.

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