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Representatives of Bulgarian companies today protested against the green certificate – Novinite.com

national demonstration against new measures against COVID-19. Representatives of sectoral organizations oppose the green certificate, which they say was introduced in haste and without clear conditions.


Sofia protesters first gathered in Orlov Most and blocked traffic at the intersection. The disgruntled workers continued their demonstration with a procession to reach the building of the Ministry of Health and the Presidency. The square in front of the National Assembly was blocked at 4 p.m.

According to Business representatives, the state did not take into account any of their recommendations, so there is no serious economic effect on the restaurant industry. Calculations by the establishment guild show that after the introduction of the green certificate, turnover fell by 80%.


Protesting restaurateurs in Varna gather in front of the municipality building. According to the organizers, the measures of the health authorities are insufficient and the system of green certificates is discriminatory. The BusinessThe Commission’s requests relate to the issuance of a green certificate to recognize the antibody test. The dissatisfied also demand that the state provide free tests and a procedure for taking them.

Representatives of more than 400 restaurants in Varna are expected to stroll along the city’s main boulevards.

Veliko Tarnovo

Hundreds of owners and employees of Veliko Tarnovo restaurants blocked the Sofia-Varna road for an hour. Previously, dissidents had taken to the streets of the former capital, stopping briefly in front of the energy building as a sign of displeasure at the high electricity prices. They also passed the RHI to protest. The demonstrators caught a provocateur among them.


In Burgas, representatives of catering, entertainment Business and children’s centers are dissatisfied. They gather in front of the RHI-Burgas building. Everyone insists on equality at work.

Protesters will march on a main city boulevard, which will end in front of the district administration building.


Protesters in Pleven marched from the theater building in a procession along the main pedestrian street to Vazrazhdane Square. There, under the windows of the district administration, posters were erected with the words “Freedom”, “We want to work” and called for the restrictions to be lifted.


Dissatisfied with the green certificate in Plovdiv blocked traffic at the crossroads of the bath “Starinna”, reported news agency FOCUS. The demonstration is part of the national representatives of establishments.

Protesters marched along Tsar Boris III Obedinitel Boulevard, then stopped in front of the Municipality of Plovdiv. At 4 p.m., they also blocked Boulevard Tsar Boris III. from the south side of the tunnel, then again reached the crossroads of the Starinna thermal baths.


Tourism and catering representatives Business de Pernik, together with owners of gymnasiums, blocked traffic on the Pernik – Sofia road, stopping the traffic light near the village of Dragichevo. The malcontents did not have a permit to block the road, they were allowed to demonstration in the center of the village of Dragichevo. However, they did not follow the order.

Protesters said their industry was discriminated against and demanded that the green certificate be valid for everyone, including those who work in state and municipal governments.


A demonstration The march also passed through the key streets of Targovishte. The malcontents gathered in the center and marched in a peaceful procession to a crossroads, and the final exact building was the building of the Regional Health Inspectorate in the regional city. There were again calls for the antibody test to be recognized as a certificate.

Stara Zagora

More than 300 restaurateurs, hoteliers and solidarity citizens of Stara Zagora have blocked the intersection between the streets “Gen. Gurko” and “Patriarche Evtimiy” in the city, writes BNR. At 3 p.m., restaurateurs closed their stores and gathered in front of the Administration district. Half an hour later, traffic was cut off at one of the busiest intersections.


Representatives of Business in Ruse also joined the national protest. The rallying point for the demonstrators was a parking lot in front of a large hypermarket in the center of town. From there, the participants in the discontent organized a procession to the building of the municipal and district administrations, closing for a short time a section of the boulevard and a central roundabout. Citizens and taxi drivers, unhappy with the anti-epidemic measures, also joined the demonstrators.


More than 300 people joined a demonstration walk to Kyustendil. The demonstration passed from the station square in the city, through the central pedestrian alley and the central square “Velbuzhd”.


Full-scale bankruptcies and the closure of restaurants and bars in Kazanlak have prompted hundreds of industrial workers to protest. For nearly an hour, they closed the central boulevards.


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