Bulgaria sea coast

Romanian naval forces hold exercises along the Black Sea coast and on the Danube

The naval forces of Romania are carrying out, until April 8, two military exercises at sea and on the Danube to prepare for hostile actions in the region of the Romanian Black Sea coast and the Danube Delta.

More than 950 soldiers will synchronize their training actions according to a fictitious scenario of rejection of asymmetric aggression at the mouths of the Danube and in the coastal area of ​​Romania.

The exercises, called “Tomis 22” and “Danube Protector 22”, aim to increase the level of interoperability between the participating force structures, as well as to develop operational procedures to ensure the security of the maritime and river space of Romania, according to a statement from the Romanian Naval Forces.

Three naval military vessels, six river warships, four auxiliary vessels, two mobile coastal rocket launchers, a Puma Naval helicopter, a diving detachment (NEM) and a marine infantry company are the structures participating in the two exercises.

On the ground forces side, there are infantry, artillery and logistics structures of the 341st Infantry Battalion from Topraisar and the 325th Artillery Battalion from Caracal.

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(Photo credit: Razvan Nicolescu/Dreamstime.com)