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Several dead in the sinking of a freighter off the Turkish coast of the Black Sea | Expedition News

Three of the 13 crew members died, six were rescued after a Palau-flagged freighter sank in bad weather in the Black Sea.

A Palau-flagged freighter sank off the coast of Turkey’s Black Sea province of Bartin, killing at least three crew members, according to Bartin Governor Sinan Guner.

Guner had said earlier on Sunday that the ship, the Arvin, was a Russian dry cargo vessel that sank off the coast of the Inkumu region in bad weather, but later corrected this.

“The vessel Arvin attempted to take refuge in Bartin harbor due to bad weather conditions while transporting goods from Georgia to Bulgaria,” Guner said, quoted by Turkish state news agency Anadolu.

Coastguards said the ship sank after taking on water in bad weather.

Six crew members were rescued and efforts are underway to rescue more, he said in a statement. Anadolu said they were all hospitalized and in good condition.

The Russian state agency overseeing maritime and river fleets said only two crew members were of Russian nationality and the vessel was owned by Ukrainian company Arvin Shipping Ltd.

A spokesman for the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry confirmed the incident, saying Ukrainian consuls were providing consular assistance on the spot as operations to locate the four remaining sailors continued.

Guner said earlier that civilian ships were also invited to participate in the rescue efforts, but operations were hampered by heavy rains and winds. Turkey’s Defense Ministry said it had also sent a ship to help with the rescue operations.

“There are high waves, and because of the waves, the (rescue) boat cannot see its surroundings. We try to reach them with directions from the shore, ”Guner said.

In January 2019, six crew members died when a Panamanian-flagged cargo ship sank in the Black Sea off Turkey.

Two years earlier, a Russian spy ship sank in the Black Sea after colliding with a cargo ship carrying cattle. All the crew were rescued.

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