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The two best casinos in Bulgaria

When you think of casino hotspots, where the first places you think of in Las Vegas are, maybe what about Monte Carlo, London and Manchester even have their charm in the gambling world. But how about you know if we told you that Bulgaria has its own rich history with casinos and the culture it offers? As one of the only countries in the Balkans to legally allow gambling, Bulgaria is now looking to create a sensation and provide a great experience for tourists.

Capital delights

Unsurprisingly, Sofia is leading the way with, with a grand total of seven casinos, with over 600 games available and 700 other slot machines. With a vibrant nightlife and a vibrant metropolitan community, the city provides the perfect opportunity for tourists and residents to indulge in gambling or even just to try their luck on the abundance of slot machines available. With tourists coming from many places as vacationers and sports enthusiasts, the city will continue to develop over time. It might not be quite Las Vegas, but it offers a viable alternative for the millions of people who regularly visit Bulgaria.

Make comparisons

When looking for the best, it may be worth taking your time and using comparison sites to see what’s available. There is nothing wrong with looking around as it is the best way to find better chances, and it would be remiss if you didn’t try to give yourself the best possible chance. On top of that, you can always consult Bulgarian tourist offices as they can point you to the most popular destinations, hopefully giving you a more exciting journey to one of Europe’s best-hidden secrets. Imagine how much he could grow with the right investment

Sunny beach and sunny days

Another casino to consider in Bulgaria is the one at the resort town on the Black Sea coast. It is believed that over 5 million people a year visit the city of Nessebar, and what better place to sit than here for a thriving casino industry. The Kuban Casino dominates the complex, providing tourists with a great alternative when they’ve had enough of the beach, and with so many visitors each year, it serves as a hotspot for gambling enthusiasts. Similar to Soifa, there are a variety of games to keep any player interested in different stakes and even more excitement when it looks like you might come away with a bigger prize. Standing near the borders of Turkey and Greece, high attendance levels are expected, especially considering how restricted gambling is in these countries. These towns offer the perfect getaway for those who otherwise wouldn’t be allowed to, so why not make the most of them.

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