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The United States plans to increase military aid to Bulgaria and support for the “Three Seas Initiative” – ​​Novinite.com

The United States plans to increase military assistance to the countries of the Black Sea region, in particular Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania and Georgia. NATO is committed to increasing its presence in the region, in particular through the four new Battlegroups in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Slovakia. The WE will support the Black Sea countries in their efforts to prevent corruption and strengthen support for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe” three seas initiative.

This is provided for in the draft law on the security of the Black Sea region, which is part of a future law on the security of the Black Sea region submitted to the WE Senate and House of Representatives, where it has not yet been adopted.

Among the conclusions of the Congress, several stand out.

According to them, the Black Sea region is of crucial importance for the national security of six countries: Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey. The Black Sea region has been an area of ​​growing tension and conflict on the eastern border of the European Union and NATO following President Vladimir Putin’s invasions of Ukraine in 2014 and 2022. More to the illegal attempt to annex the Ukrainian region of Crimea in 2014, the Russian Federation reinforced the Black Sea Fleet to increase its presence in the region and threatens the freedom of navigation. Russia is destabilizing the region through malicious influence campaigns. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, unity among the states of the Black Sea region has grown, especially among NATO member states, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Russia uses the Black Sea region to conduct military exercises that threaten Ukraine’s territorial sovereignty and kill innocent civilians. Russia has long used its position in the Black Sea and Crimea to threaten its NATO allies. The presence of the United States in the Black Sea has diminished since the annexation of Crimea by Russia due to a lack of available ships and resources and a lack of a clearly defined regional strategy.

The main conclusion is that Russia is trying to take advantage of the sometimes divergent priorities of NATO members in the region to make expansionist claims.

In general, the Russian Federation’s unprovoked war against Ukraine has underscored the importance of the Black Sea region to US national security interests, the bill points out. Russian actions in and around the Black Sea have disrupted access to energy resources across Europe.

In particular, on April 27, 2022, Gazprom suspended natural gas deliveries to Poland and Bulgaria after the two countries refused to comply with the Russian decree of March 31, 2022 that all payments must be made in rubles, in violation of the terms of their contracts with Gazprom“says the text.

Concerning Turkey, the finding is that it resists attempts to modify the interpretation of the Montreux Convention so as not to weaken its positions in the region.

China also emerges as a threat to the Black Sea region.

The coercive economic policies of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) also threaten the economic stability of the Black Sea region.“, also claims the document.

Congress believes that it is in the interests of the United States to prevent the spread of a new armed conflict in Europe by recognizing the Black Sea region as an arena of Russian aggression, and the littoral members of the Black Sea are essential to countering Russian government aggression and to maintaining the collective security of the NATO Alliance. The United States must continue to work within NATO to develop a long-term strategy to strengthen security and establish a permanent and lasting presence on the eastern flank.

He also recommends restoring confidence and bilateral relations with Turkey, which is a “key ally in the Black Sea region and a bulwark against Iran.”

Countries in the Black Sea region should strive to improve communication and exchange of intelligence information and increase cyber defense capabilities.

The United States should support the initiative taken by the countries of Central and Eastern Europe to advance the three seas Initiative fund to strengthen transport, energy and digital infrastructure connectivity in the Adriatic, Baltic and Black Sea region ”, indicates the text of the recommendations of the Congress.

Countering the coercive economic aspirations of the PRC remains an important political imperative in order to further integrate the Black Sea states into Western economies and improve regional stability.

Among the main priorities are military assistance, including infrastructure to support increased deployment and supply logistics in the region; economic assistance, including support for the food security crisis; countering Russian disinformation and propaganda in the Black Sea region; energy diversification and integration of regional markets and supplies; increase bilateral trade and WE investment in the region; increasing access to global capital markets; strengthen efforts for the rule of law and fight against corruption; an assessment of NATO’s engagement in the region, in particular within the four new Battlegroups in Romania, BulgariaHungary and Slovakia.

Among the future announced WE policies concerning the region establish a permanent and lasting presence on the eastern flank and strengthen the democratic resilience of the allies there, increase investments in the countries of the Black Sea region, WE will support the Black Sea countries in their efforts to prevent corruption, and the “Three Seas” initiative of the countries of central and eastern Europe.

Among the main strategies for the security and development of the Black Sea is that of increasing military assistance to the countries of the Black Sea region, in particular to Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Georgia.

The creation of a multinational joint headquarters in the Black Sea, which would be responsible for the planning, preparation, exercises and coordination of all military activities in the region, is also under study.

Efforts will also be made for greater freedom of navigation, mainly with Turkey, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgariato allow greater security and economic access to the Black Sea.

Senior officials from the Department of State or other partner agencies will be deployed to the Black Sea region at least twice a year, as well as to key regional infrastructure and energy security forums, including the high-level meeting on Three Seas Initiative.

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