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There is a crying need for labor in Bulgaria: cooks and tailors are in high demand – Novinite.com

The company urgently needs nearly 240,000 workers and specialists in various fields. The biggest shortages are for tailors, vendors, machine operators and cooks. More than 70% of employers in Bulgaria find it difficult to find Personal in these areas. The data comes from a study by the Employment Agency.

A restaurant in Blagoevgrad was looking for Personal for more than a week. They need a baker and a vendor. The salary is more than BGN 1,000 per month, but there are almost no applicants.

Nope! One or two girls appeared there and that’s it. There are no people, no job seekers“says Dimitar Bakalov, a baker and owner of bakeries.

The situation is similar in nearby shops, restaurants and cafes, where notices are also posted saying they are looking for staff.

No matter who you ask co-workers, almost every establishment is looking for either bartenders or servers. Let’s leave it at that, the people who appear have no education, experience or practice“, says Dimitar Bakalov.

More than 500 vacancies are also advertised in the Work Offices in the Blagoevgrad region, most of them are in the field of services and trade. And although employers complain that it is increasingly difficult to find Personalthe region reports a positive downward trend in unemployment.

In recent months, it is striking that we have two municipalities with an extremely low unemployment rate on the territory of the Blagoevgrad region. These are the municipality of Blagoevgrad itself with an unemployment rate of 3.7% and the municipality of Sandanski with 3.9%”, said Stanislava Popovska, director of the Work Office in Blagoevgrad.

The Blagoevgrad region, however, remains at the bottom of the salary rankings, with an average monthly salary of around BGN 1,000, which encourages many young people of working age to seek accommodation in the capital or abroad.

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