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Thousands of people turned out for Sofia Pride 2022 in Bulgaria – The Sofia Globe

Several thousand people moved on June 18 for the 15e Sofia Pride, the annual demonstration for equal rights of LGBTI people in Bulgaria.

The weather in the Bulgarian capital, alternating rain and partly cloudy, did not prevent the organizers from waiting for a record attendance.

Sofia Pride describes itself as “an annual pride march in support of equality between lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex (LGBTI) and queer people in Bulgaria. Pride’s mission is to increase the visibility of LGBTI and queer communities, support public debate about their acceptance, and show non-heterosexual and cis people in Bulgaria that they are not alone.”

This year’s Sofia Pride has the motto “Proud to be”.

The event opened with a live afternoon concert in front of the Soviet Army monument in the center of the capital and was to be followed by an evening procession through the streets of Sofia.

During the concert, a 15-point manifesto of Sofia Pride 2022 was read.

The manifesto said:

“We are proud…

1. That we are free.

  1. That we don’t see the world only in black and white.
  2. that we want to remember.
  3. That we take care of the family.
  4. That we want Bulgaria to move forward.
  5. That we do not respond to hatred with violence.
  6. That we know who we are.
  7. Let us assert our rights.
  8. With our flag
  9. With our parents
  10. That we don’t hide our love
  11. That we are against war
  12. That we want our children to be happy
  13. that we are here
  14. That we are Bulgarians.

Sofia Pride 2022 also has a charitable cause, with part of the funds raised to support Kyiv Pride, which cannot take place this year due to Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Florence Robine, Ambassador of France – the country that currently holds the Presidency of the Council of the EU – told the crowd: “We are with you”
British Ambassador Rob Dixon, pictured, and US Ambassador Herro Mustafa also spoke at the event.

The crowd warmly welcomed the many foreign ambassadors who stood on stage in solidarity with Sofia Pride.

There was a video message from Kyiv Pride, including a call to stand up for Ukraine and its LGBTQI+ community. The concert also included a performance by Ukrainian singer Constantine.

Organizers have placed a rainbow flag for those attending Sofia Pride to write messages of support.

There were three events in Sofia to protest pride and “in defense of the traditional Bulgarian family”, while the previous week saw the customary objection from the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, and weeks ago, Calls by ultra-nationalists in the Sofia City Council for Sofia Pride will be banned.

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