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Ukrainian charity fund supporting children starts operations in Bulgaria – Novinite.com

The international foundation alongside Ukraine supportyouing Ukrainian mothers and children started its activities in Bulgaria. Its goal is to give the future generation of Ukrainians a chance to grow up healthy, strong and prosperous, and to have the right to a happy and peaceful life.

The aim of the foundation is to help families with children most in need and those most affected by the war. The aid is intended for the treatment and rehabilitation of sick and war-affected children, the supply of quality medicines and medical equipment, accommodation in medical establishments, the purchase of first quality and necessary supplements, the provision of suitable conditions for children with special needs, etc.

The leader of the alongside Ukraine foundation is Dr. Georgi Sazhinov, who lives in Ukraine and is involved in the development of projects for healthy food in schools. He has over 30 years of experience in the field of healthy eating for children. The foundation’s team includes experts in various fields, such as lawyer Olga Matviyeva, dairy expert Vadim Chagarkovsky and deputy head of Cherwill College, Oxford Helen Clark.. In September, she will hold a charity auction in Oxford to support the foundation.

Distinguished Member of alongside Ukraine the foundation is Natalya Kovalevskaya, who is a limp portfolio manager at the Capital Signet Ring Management funds. She take care of fundraising and is responsible for coordinating with the American partners of the foundation to help Ukraine against the Russian aggressor.

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